• Intense knowing of people and properties
• Works well with anyone, everyone, always
• Unreasonable love of laughter
Danean is a major player who also happens to be a pure delight. When she laughs, fear and tension leave the premises. When she smiles, your day just got better. Danean has this innate gift for knowing what people want, fueled by the conviction and backbone to make sure they get it. Her trump card? Market analysis. She'll thoughtfully interpret mounds of data a dozen different ways, distilling it all into bite-sized essentials that make for a fast read. HER CLIENTS SAY: Her enthusiasm, warm personality, can-do attitude are contagious. And: Best results we could have hoped for. AND: She's our quarterback. She leads the way, always has our back. WE SAY: Best communicator going. AND: Stands her ground without being scary. AND: Nothing moves her from the big picture. AND: 13 years with the company, she gets juiced by full-throttle creativity. Danean, a born broker, whose passions and talents are inescapable.
Words she'd claim? Knowledgeable, creative, diligent, caring, trustworthy, resourceful. Word she'd lose? Impossible. Danean loves the business. It's interesting, it's challenging, and while she takes her role in the process seriously, she makes it fun (c'mon, this is Vail). | HER LISTINGS are always beautifully staged and thoughtfully marketed - with style. The result? They sell faster and for more money than her competitors.' | SHE IS INTUITIVE and has a knack for finding the property which has the buyers' names on it, even if they can't quite verbalize what they're looking for.
HER BIRTHPLACE is El Monte, California, but she grew up in Irvine, California | HAve CALLED Vail my home for over 33 years because…well, she loves the life style. | RESPONDED TO a classified ad 33 years ago to answer phones for a local architect firm, she hasn't looked back.

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